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Virtual Tour Instructions


There are several ways to navigate the tour of the grounds and these can be used in combination with each other. 

Floor Markers

On each of the 360-degree images, there are floor markers and clicking on these will take you to a new location. Drag the image around and look on the ground as there may be up to 4 floor markers. The next 360 view will load in the direction you were previously facing.

Control Panel

The control panel has another two options to help you navigate

You can open and close the thumbnails and the row can be dragged left or right. Clicking or touching a thumbnail will take you to that location. Any locations that have already been visited will have a pair of Doc Marten boots added

There is also an interactive plan that opens up and clicking or touching one of the red markers will take you to that location and the plan will automatically close

Doc Marten Boots


Throughout the tour, there are icons that can be clicked or touched.

If you see the Pentax K1000 (1976), click on it to show the popup gallery. The gallery will show any images that are available in that particular area. If you are viewing the tour on a mobile phone, when the gallery opens rotate your phone into landscape position as this will let you see bigger versions of the images.

Pentax k1000 camera

If you see the Zoom 518 Super 8 (1964), click on it to show a popup video.

Zoom 518 Super 8

Some of the 360's have background audio that automatically loads. You can see the cassette icon on the bottom right-hand side and clicking this will either mute or start the audio again.

Doc Marten Boots


There is a 360-degree aerial that contains a select list.

Aerial icon

Choose a location from the list and the 360-degree will rotate to that location

Windsor Boys School Hamm aerial

Doc Marten Boots

Email Tour Link

If you like the tour, why not share it with others.
Click / touch the @ icon to share the link of the tour using your own email.

Doc Marten Boots


Why is there a donate button in the tour? 

The tour is completely free and I really hope you enjoy it.

The full tour contains thousands of images to make up the 360's and these all use a lot of bandwidth when people view them online.  Making a donation will help contribute towards the additional bandwidth charges and keep the tour online so you can return anytime you wish to take a trip down memory lane.

It's also an ongoing project so more photographs will be added when I receive them from ex-students, teachers and staff

Donate any amount you wish and thanks for visiting. 


Donate to the Windsor Boys School tour via PayPal. No PayPal account is required.

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